St-Clément is a unique blend of the architectural heritage and typical landscapes that make the Île de Ré so special.

An ideal place to recharge or reconnect with family and friends.


Peace and natural landscapes on the far western end of the island

Under the imposing height of the Phare des Baleines lighthouse, the village stretches between Côte Sauvage and the wide fine sands of Plage de la Conche beach, bordering the Lizay forest. The Salt Marshes, with the Nature Reserve at their centre, lie between the forest and the village. Saint-Clément is a crossroads between the five landscapes found on the island: tidal flats, dunes, forest, fields, and marshes.

The northern tip of the Île de Ré, called La Pointe des Baleines (Whale Point) has been the cause and site of many shipwrecks. Whales also would be caught in the currents and get stranded on the beach, giving the point its name. So many ships eventually ran aground here that it was decided in the mid-17th century to build a lighthouse.

The 25-metre-high Tour des Baleines entered service in 1682. It was replaced by the 57.1-metre-tall Phare des Baleines lighthouse in 1854. If you climb all 257 steps of its famous spiral staircase, you will reach the lighthouse keeper’s room, with its incredible view over the entire island and beyond.

Un village convivial

The village of Saint-Clément has been able to retain its rural character. Les Huîtres de St-Clément provides a warm and friendly atmosphere right in the Place de l’Église at the heart of Saint-Clément-des-Baleines. Les Huîtres de Saint-Clément is a friendly place for social gatherings, including village events and activities, all with the charm of the Île de Ré.

Whether you’re looking for oysters or local gourmet items, Les Huîtres de St-Clément can offer you a taste of the terroir and merroir of the Île de Ré through its range of unique local products.