Daily Specials

Take a look at our seasonal menu and our daily selection of oysters! Whether they’re flat or cupped, small or large, our oysters are all raised or finished on the Île de Ré.

Our selection of Ile de Ré Oysters

For a moment of 100% Île de Ré freshness, we select our oysters based not only on the season and their inherent sensory qualities, but also on how they are raised – in the open sea or in a claire salt pond – and of course how they are finished.

Oysters & Seafood

Grand Cru Lepage Special Oysters - 100% raised in claire6 / 12 / 18 oysters
N°5 - St-Clément-des-Baleines9,5 € / 14,3 € / 19,1 €
Salt Pond-finished Special Oysters from La Ferme des Baleines - Finished in claire
N°4 - St-Clément-des-Baleines10,4 € / 15,7 € / 20,9 €
N°3 - St-Clément-des-Baleines14,5 € / 21,7 € / 28,9 €
Open Sea Oysters
N°4 - Martray7,1 € / 10,7 € / 14,3 €
N°3 - Martray9,9 € / 14,9 € / 19,8 €
N°2 - Fosse de Loix10,9 € / 16,4 € / 21,2 €
The Oyster Farmer's Plate
3 types of oysters from La Ferme des Baleines12,0 € les 6; 20,0 € les 12
The Fishmonger's plate
6 oysters and 6 organic prawns from Madagascar19,5 €
Charentaise Plate
6 fines de claire or open sea oysters and rillons du pays17 €
Whelks with aïoli
250 gr9,5 €
Organic Prawns from Madagascar
les 612 €

Iodine and the sea

Gravlax Salmon
Sour Cream12,0 €
Oyster Shooter
Benjamin Special10,0 €
Homemade Rillettes
of the day7,5 €


Catalan Dry sausage
6,0 €
Rillons Charentais
4,5 €
Cheese and Deli Meats Board
Whole Cheese4,5 €
3-cheese plate11 €

But also ...

Homemade Sweets
A large sélection of aperitif, wine and drinks
Saumon gravlax
Assiette Huîtres apéritives
Crevettes Bio de Madagascar
PLateau de 24 huîtres
Huîtres Apéritives

Our Oysters

Our passion for this bivalve filter and our attachment to the Retais territory are at the heart of our activity. </ P>

Enjoying an oyster from the Ile de Ré, you can experience the flavors of its merroir.

Our Tiger Prawns

A partir du mois d’août, le bar à huîtres propose des crevettes impériales. Loin des élevages tropicaux, nos gambas sont élevées sur l’île de Ré à La Ferme des Baleines à St-Clément.

Un met d’exception à la chair délicate.

Our Producers

Our producers are part of a process of artisanal production, qualitative and thoughtful in the respect of the product and the environment. Do you know La Ferme des Baleines, specialist in culture in marshes? Or Rivesaline, which offers innovative products imagined from the natural resources of the marshes of the Ile de Ré?