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Gambas des Marais de l'île de Ré

Ré Salt Marsh Tiger Prawns

With their recognisable striped shells, tiger prawns from the salt marshes of the Île de Ré are sold live, without any preservatives, from August to November.

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Samphire Recipes

Samphire’s subtle saltiness can enhance salads, pasta, fish dishes, or omelettes. Its taste and texture change throughout the growing season. What’s the best way to cook samphire at different points in the season?

HuÎtre et citron

With or Without Lemon

In English, the sauces and condiments that come with oysters are called “accoutrements”, which means ‘costume’ or ‘silly outfit’ in French, making it sound like oysters are somehow ridiculous if they’re not naked.

Plateau d'huître à l'apéro

Aperitif Oysters

We could describe them the same way Maupassant does in Bel Ami: “Small and rich, looking like little ears enfolded in shells, melting between the palate and the tongue like salted sweets”…

Huîtres Plates des marais

Flat or cupped?

One is rarer and was imported by the Romans, the other is originally from Japan and was introduced after the collapse of the “Portuguese” Oyster population.